​​​*** Proudly Supporting Texas and New Mexico ***

Our goal is to offer model boating enthusiasts a fun, safe, and fair environment to race their models competitively.  

There are clubs located throughout Texas and New Mexico that can help you get started.  Many local hobby shops don't carry the models that we race because it's a niche market.  Take a look at our CONTACTS section and get in touch with a club near you.  A club member will be happy to help assist you.

Like with anything, the Internet offers a vast variety of information.  We highly recommend that new boaters join one of the three following websites based on the power source for the models they are interested in:

These sites are message boards that require a membership. Take the time to sign up, it's worth it.  Each is a valuable source of information.  

Get in touch with your club or district representatives.  They may look busy at an event, but they will gladly take the time to assist you.  It's a great idea to see what classes are most popular and which ones are offered in your area.

Once you've gathered that information and you've read up on the message boards.  It's time to start looking for parts.  There are many manufacturers and they are all listed in the Links section.  The message boards also offer great deals in the for sale sections.  

For more help or information, please don't hesitate to contact us through the CONTACTS section here on the website!