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  WELCOME! to the new NAMBA 7 website. JANUARY 2014 LETTER FROM JERRY WRIGHT POSTED! CLICK HERE to view the Letter. 2013 FINAL POINTS POSTED after San Angelo! 2014 Race Schedule will be posted soon!


  2013 Gas World Cup! This will be the final year of the Gas World Championships in Las Vegas! You definitely don't want to miss it! Click here to learn more!

 Video of the Month: 2014 West Texas Shootout [PROMO]


CONGRATULATIONS! 2013 District Champions:

G1 Mono - Dale Roberts
G1 Cat - Jerry Wright
G1 Sport Hydro - John Borden
G1 Rigger - John Borden
G1 Crackerbox - Brandon Borden
Open G Tunnel - Wendell Barrow
Open G Mono - Dale Roberts
Open G Cat - Jerry Wright
Open G Sport Hydro - Dale Roberts
Open G Rigger - John Borden
Classic Thunderboat - Brandon Borden

Latest news from District 7:


RENEW ONLINE! Renew your NAMBA Membership On-line! You can now renew your 2013 NAMBA Membership or sign up for new coverage On-line! You can also pay On-line via paypal! Click HERE to do it today!

    WE NEED YOUR INFO! Texas and New Mexico NAMBA Members: Please email Jerry Wright your contact information. Please include your NAMBA Number, email address, mailing address and phone number.

Click here to Email Jerry

    2013 Race Schedule! The 2013 Schedule is finalized!   Click here to view the Schedule

The 6th Scale Hydroplane and the District Point Series Rules and Race Format has also been posted!

Click here to view the 6th Scale Rules

Click here to view the Points Series Rules

    INFORMATIVE VIDEOS! Check out the Video Section for two new videos that Jay Stone created to give new perspective boaters an insight to our hobby.