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Eli Karagich Point Champions

The 2019 Eli Points winner

Max Hill

Open Mono - 11

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The Eli Award was created in 199x by Eli Karagich. The Award is given to the racer of a specific class that wins the most heats in a race season in which (3) three or more boats finish a heat. Points are accumulated throughout the year for each racer for each class raced. 

Eli believed in the spirit of competition. Back in the Nitro days this was a much bigger challenge as fewer boats actually finished races than the do the gas counterparts we see primarily today.

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2006 - Scott Grissman
2007 - Dale Roberts
2007 - Scott Grissman
2008 - Scott Grissman
2009 - Dale Roberts
2010 - Scott Grissman
2011 - Dale Roberts
2012 - Not Awarded
2013 - Not Awarded
2014 - Not Awarded
2015 - Not Awarded
2016 - Terry Willis
2017 - Jerry Wright
2018 - Oscar Love
2019 - Max Hill

David Richmond 
David Wale
Terry Willis
Ronnie King
Kim Jakubik
Wendell Barrow
Brandon Borden
Brandon Borden
John Borden 
Max Hill
​Oscar Love
Terry Willis
Buddy Stone
Tommy Wagner
Ronnie King
Brandon Borden
Oscar Love
David Richmond
Oscar Love
Oscar Love

1993 - Dick Roberts
1994 - Gary Giles
1995 - Dick Norris
1996 - Jerry Wright
1997 - Don Wahe
1997 - Eli Karagich
1998 - Paul Matthews
1998 - Johnny House
1999 - Don Wahe
2000 - Corky Daily
2001 - Corky Daily
2002 - Don Wahe
2003 - Not Awarded
2004 - Dale Roberts
2005 - Dale Roberts

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Past Eli Points Winners

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