COVID 19 Rules


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Driver Check-in
 Temperatures will be taken of all participants at Check-in. The CDC indicates 100.4 degrees is the magic number. Should a participant have a fever, they will not be allowed to participate in the event.
Masks must be worn (over the mouth) as follows:

At all times while in the Hot Pit Area or while on the drivers stand.
If you are having conversation with one or more persons and you’re within 6’ you must wear your mask. If you’re having conversation within your pit area with other boaters, please wear your mask.
In your own pit area, as long as there is 6’ distance from other boaters, then a mask is optional.
(Please provide your own mask)
When setting up your pit area for the weekend, Dallas pond has a lot of room, so please spread-out.

Hand Sanitizing stations will be strategically placed around the area for anyone to use. We would encourage everyone to use them as much as possible.

Adhering to the 6’ social distancing rule is a must and please limit the numbers of people gathering together to talk.

Hot Pit Area/starting the boat - please have a pit person start the boat with the driver already on the drivers stand prior to the start clock. This will minimize contact and the serge of people trying to get up the steps at once.

We are planning on eliminating a turn 2 judge to help with social distancing on the drivers stand. We are asking that if you cut a buoy be honest about it and call yourself on it.

Please make sure you have a cloth/paper towel in your pocket and available should you need to cough or sneeze. Please use this to cover your mouth even if you have a mask on, it’s just an added preventative measures.   

The Dallas RC Thunderboat Club will be assisting LSMBC with this event to insure we are compliant with our preventative measures of COVID 19.

 Please be aware of your surroundings and think about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


Let’s Stay Safe and not be one a statistic.
David Wale
District Director

NAMBA District 7